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At home with Jorge Zalszupin

Be Modern made the trip to Sao Paolo to meet the iconic Polish-Brazilian
designer Jorge Zalszupin and look for the iconic design pieces he designed in the 1950's and 1960's

93 years old, he lives in a beautiful modernist house he designed in the 1960's for his family in the Jardim neighborhood 

Jorge Zalszupin designed a wide range of furniture ranging from home to office using the Bahia
Jacaranda, cement and metal. Slick, He created the company Atelier, who produced a wide collection of his designs.

 L'Atelier showrooms spread out through Brazil and became  symbols of modernity. 


Today his designs are re-edited by the famous Brazilian company: Etel Interiores.
The catalogue comprises more that 40 different models designed by Zalszupin
in the 1950’s and 1960’s. .




Be Modern XX Century Collection

We are proud to present in our collection some of the
Jorge Zalszupin original pieces, made in Jacaranda wood.

Check our website for regular updates and new arrivals!




Sofa “Presidencial” in Jacaranda and metal

Paulistana chaise longue in Jacaranda and cream leather


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