Jorge Zalszupin

Jorge Zalszupin, Bemodern

Born in Poland in 1922, Jerzy Zalszupin arrived in Brazil in 1949. After working together with a number of prominent architects, he opened his own studio. In 1959 he creates l’Atelier, a company that designed furniture for both offices and residential use. His brand, spread throughout Brazil and his showrooms were benchmarks of modernity. In Brasilia, during the 60’s and 70’s, no public building was left without his mark. He created a complex infrastructure with designers, architects, engineers, craftsmen, and full-scale support of professionals that provided everything from researching materials to the manufacturing and sales. Zalszupin’s furniture reflects the combination of modern constructive standards, inspired primarily by the Scandinavian modernist school with graceful lines, consistent use of local woods and exceptional sense of detail.